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Nonequilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body physics represents a platform to address some of the most intriguing open questions in various fields of physics ranging from condensed matter and quantum statistical physics, to quantum information and synthetic quantum devices. One of the central questions is the emergence of a phase transition between a phase of matter that thermalises after being driven far from equilibrium, and a phase of matter that does not thermalise. Such type of a phase transition is commonly referred to as the ergodicity breaking phase transition. On the other hand, in many cases quantum systems exhibit transient but long-lived nonequilibrium steady states, which sometimes host very unusual properties. Understanding of such dynamics presents a challenge to experimentalists and theory alike. This workshop continues the tradition with the 12th focused workshop on nonequilibrium phenomena. The aim is to bring together experiment and theory in an informal setting that has been extremely stimulating on previous occasions. The workshop intends to bring together scientists working in the field of:

  • Ultrafast dynamics in correlated solid-state systems such as charge density wave, superconducting and magnetic systems
  • Strongly nonequilibrium transitions between thermal and nonthermal states, including long-lived metastable orders
  • Measures of ergodicity in quantum many-body systems
  • Chaotic versus integrable quantum dynamics in low-dimensional systems

The conference will take place in a hybrid format. The talks will be broadcasted via Zoom platform for remote participants.  However, to facilitate the discussions, we urge the speakers to attend the workshop in person.

NoteRegistration is obligatory both for on-site and remote participation. The access to Zoom session will be provided only to registered participants.